Shandong Morent Import&Export Co., Ltd

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        Shandong Morent Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of egg dumplings and egg processing equipment. "Integrity, focus, innovation and development" is our business philosophy and service tenet. Our company mainly produces a series of egg product equipment, such as egg frying machine, egg frying assembly line equipment, flat plate egg frying machine, egg frying machine, egg dumpling machine, mold turning egg dumpling machine, flat plate egg dumpling machine, egg dumpling assembly line equipment, etc.

     Since its establishment, the company's performance has continued to grow at a high speed. It has provided complete sets of equipment for egg dumpling processing for many egg product deep processing enterprises at home and abroad, played a very important role, and established a good reputation and popularity in the food industry. Our company will continue to maintain its fine tradition, keep pace with the times and innovate.

    At the same time of continuous research, development, innovation and improvement of equipment, Shandong Morent Import and Export Co., Ltd. also cooperated with more than 100 large, medium and small food research institutions to jointly develop food technology based on the actual needs of customers. We not only provide customers with high-quality and inexpensive equipment and machines, but also provide customers with food production technology. The one-stop service of equipment and process is truly realized.

    With a bright future and a long way to go, we will, as always, always adhere to the principle that the interests of customers are above everything, develop and innovate, operate with integrity, and provide our customers with better services!