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Mordent potato dry cleaning machine potato cleaning equipment is efficient and stable


Now, when potatoes are officially harvested in large areas, they will adhere to the surface of potatoes just harvested from geography

Amount of soil, manual cleaning is very inefficient, wasting a lot of time and labor. Potatoes produced by Shandong Morent Import and Export Co., Ltd

Cleaning equipment, potato dry cleaning machine, potato cleaning machine for the majority of customers to solve such problems.

Mordent potato dry cleaning machine is divided into two parts. The first half contains 24 wool rollers, with 3 different materials and densities

With carbon steel spring at the front end, rubber wheel at the middle end and hard nylon wire at the rear end

Clean the large particles of soil, stones, roots and other impurities on the potato surface.

The second section of the Morent potato dry cleaning machine is the upper and lower double-layer brush cleaning machine, with nylon wire brush at the bottom

The surface is a long nylon wool roller, which can polish the surface of potatoes and further clean the tiny potatoes


Mordent potato dry cleaning machine, with unique extension settings, can be matched at will, placed in a straight line, and can be L

Type visit, high adaptability to the working environment, universal wheels at the bottom of the equipment, for larger models, work for customers

The ground of the environment is low and will not sink into the soft ground

Morent not only provides potato dry cleaning machine, but also other potato processing equipment, such as potato washing

Machine, potato peeling machine, potato shredder, potato slicer, potato slicer.

Morent's potato cleaning equipment has passed the test of the market and received constant praise from customers.

Morent's potato dry cleaning machine still operates efficiently in response to various harsh working environments,

It has become a good helper for customers to make money.






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