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Morent automatic potato cleaner and multi-function spray roller cleaner are really easy to use



Shandong Morent Import&Export Co., Ltd. is a food machinery manufacturer integrating design, production, sales and after-sales service. The company has been committed to the production of potato roller spray cleaning equipment, automatic stainless steel roller spray cleaning equipment, taro roller cleaning equipment, purple potato roller cleaning equipment, potato roller cleaning equipment, carrot roller peeling cleaning equipment.

Our multi-function spray roller cleaner is a practical equipment designed and manufactured by the company for cleaning or peeling fruits and vegetables such as corn, carrot, potato, sweet potato, ginger and kiwi fruit. Our potato washing machine has the advantages of less material damage, high efficiency, convenient cleaning, simple operation, and the hair roller is not easy to deform. The hair brush is made of nylon wire rope with special processing. Customized cleaning or peeling function according to the hardness of the brush, and wavy brush can be configured according to customer needs to clean special materials.

The potato hair roll spray cleaning machine equipment, automatic stainless steel hair roll spray cleaning machine, taro hair roll cleaning machine equipment, purple potato hair roll cleaning machine, potato hair roll cleaning machine equipment, carrot hair roll peeling cleaning machine equipment of Shandong Mordent Import and Export Co., Ltd. are improved in combination with the design of the import machine. The whole body is raised, the motor is placed at the bottom, and the cleaned vegetables are transported through the conveying system, automatically fed, and automatically discharged, Adjust the conveying speed according to production needs.


Now we have sorted out some structures and materials of the Morent potato hair roll spray cleaning machine, automatic stainless steel hair roll spray cleaning machine, taro hair roll cleaning machine, purple potato hair roll cleaning machine, potato hair roll cleaning machine and carrot hair roll peeling cleaning machine:

1. The equipment is made of fine materials such as nylon brush wire, which is wear-resistant and will not shed hair. The hair roller, driven by the motor, can achieve peeling effect by relative reverse rolling and friction with the product through direct contact; A specially made automatic high-pressure spray nozzle is provided to wash while peeling, so as to achieve the effect of product cleaning and peeling;

2. There is a high-pressure spray device above the equipment, and the water inside the equipment is filtered into the water tank, and then pumped to the zero spraying device by the water pump for spraying cleaning, so that the cleaning effect is better and the cleaning time is greatly saved. Easily wash away the residual soil and pesticides from fruits and vegetables to make the vegetables cleaner. The cleaned products are more than three times cleaner than the conventional manual washing method;

3. The whole equipment is made of stainless steel thickened steel plate, which is not easy to be damaged;

4. Double row industrial chain drive, wear resistance, greater bearing capacity, safe and reliable;

5. The pulley motor makes the equipment start more smoothly, with lower noise and longer service life;

6. Various models of products can be designed and customized according to the user's product specifications to meet the customer's needs;

Cleaning machinery and equipment are widely used in food processing enterprises, food processing plants, factories and mines, agricultural products, canteens, individual businesses and agricultural cooperatives.

Is it more convenient than our manual cleaning, and also improves the efficiency!

Shandong Morent Import&Export Co., Ltd. is committed to producing a variety of food production line equipment in addition to automatic potato cleaning machines and equipment. For example, a series of food equipment, such as stewing sandwich pot equipment, planetary frying pan machine, sterilization pot equipment, star anise mixing machine, food dryer degreaser equipment, automatic vacuum kneading machine, etc. Our fully automatic rolling machine is made of 304 stainless steel, with precise internal structure, safe and simple operation, which greatly reduces labor intensity. Different products can be pickled with different rolling strength based on the principle of impact. It also avoids food quality and safety accidents caused by human factors. It plays a vital role in the food processing process and can effectively improve the production efficiency. Through the physical principle of impact, the kneader makes the meat pieces or meat fillings hit and roll back and forth in the drum for pickling absorption; Enhance the adhesion and elasticity of meat, and improve the taste of products; Increase the production rate. This automatic vacuum rolling machine is a good equipment that we can not miss in food processing!

Shandong Morent Import&Export Co., Ltd., based on the principle of customer interests above everything else, has operated a variety of food machinery products for many years. The company can provide a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services such as installation, commissioning, technical consulting, operation guidance, overhaul and maintenance. According to the customer's needs, provide a product plan that can not only save costs, but also meet the customer's needs. The choice of Morent is to rest assured. All employees of the company welcome you!

Morent automatic potato cleaner and multi-function spray roller cleaner are really easy to use

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